IGA Member Benefits Booklet

USGA TM PRODUCT MATRIX FEATURE DETAILS Cloud Based ✓ ✓ Nothing to download, accessible from anywhere Full Library of Tournament Formats ✓ ✓ Single Round, Mul: Round, Bracket, Ryder Cup, Round Robin and more Season Long CompeDDons ✓ ✓ Points, Ringers, Birdies, etc Basic Event Websites ✓ ✓ Customizable logos, colors, and backgrounds plus tee sheets, leaderboards and photos TV Leaderboards ✓ ✓ Display results across all compe::ons within an event League Management ✓ ✓ Manage the en:re season including registra:on, rosters, divisions, rounds, pairings, points, etc Custom Printed Materials ✓ ✓ Scorecards, Scoreboards, Cart Signs, Tee Sheets, Hole Loca:ons, etc plus MS Publisher templates and merge tools for advanced layouts Product Support ✓ ✓ Online Knowledge Base, Online Support, Live Phone Support Full IntegraDon with GHIN ✓ ✓ Full integra:on to retrieve Handicap Indexes, post scores, and download club rosters Mobile App with Live Scoring and Live Leaderboards ✓ Free app for iPhone, iPad and Android with live score entry and leaderboards Custom Event Websites ✓ Unlimited pages to build robust event websites complete with custom registra:on, sponsor content and more Online Event RegistraDon with Payment Processing ✓ Fully customizable online registra:on with secure credit card payments Open Tee Times ✓ Ability for players to select specific tee :me and include others in leagues and/or events Trip Management ✓ Manage the en:re trip including courses, players, tournaments, pairings, leaderboards and expenses Custom Sponsor Content ✓ Sponsor branding and messaging on mobile app, TV leaderboards, printed materials, and event website Full integraDon with Club Systems ✓ Seamless integra:on with other club systems including Club Essen:al, ForeTees, Jonas, MembersFirst, Visage, GPSI/Club Car Text Messaging ✓ Deliver important informa:on (tee :mes, weather delays, and more) directly to your players