IGA Member Benefits Booklet

| 3 T he IGA is a voluntary organization of golf clubs and courses, operating for the service of those member clubs and their golfers. The IGA, through its programs and services, strives to preserve the integrity of the game and to make golf more enjoyable for all. Constant efforts are being made to expand services and develop programs to benefit the growth of the game. Almost two decades ago, in 2002, the IGA established a new office in Urbandale. Then, in December 2012, the association moved to Ankeny and started the development of a public display for the Iowa Golf Hall of Fame. Within these walls the IGA conducts programs to make the game of golf more enjoyable for all golfers: amateurs and professionals; public and private course players; low and high handicappers. Whether it be clarifying and teaching the Rules of Golf, maintaining the integrity of the World Handicap System or conducting statewide championships, the IGA acts for the good of the game in Iowa. The association is administered by an Executive Director and four support staff. Support from club membership dues and individual members fees (tracked through the GHIN Handicap Index computation service at each club) enables the IGA to provide the core programs and services for all golfers in Iowa. By joining the IGA as an individual you not only obtain a World Handicap Index, you are signaling your support of golf in Iowa. In November of 2013, the IGA and Iowa Women’s Golf Association Boards of Directors voted unanimously to merge into a single organization under the name Iowa Golf Association. This culminates almost 10 years of effort to work more closely together. As one, we can better serve ALL golfers in the state of Iowa. SERVING IOWA’S GOLF COMMUNITY