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educate all of our rules officials, which should

ultimately mean a better experience for our


We are always on the look out for individuals

who are interested in learning about the rules.

Right now, we have six to eight people who have

attended multiple USGA-PGA Rules Workshops

and help us out regularly. We would love to

double that number in the next few years. If you

have an interest, please send our staff an email

or give them a phone call. Becoming a certified

rules official is not a quick process, but it is very

rewarding and can be a lot of fun.

We are excited to continue to work closer with the

two High School athletic organizations in the state

as they work to make high school golf even better.

For the past few years we have provided scoring

at the state tournaments for the IGHSAU (girls)

as well as partnering in rules of golf education for

players and coaches. We will continue that for the

foreseeable future. We have been working more

closely with the IAHSAA (boys) to help provide

quality rules education as well and look forward to

a stronger relationship as we progress.

As the calendar turns to 2017, we are looking

forward to championship season. We think we

have some of the best collective sites we have ever

had, with Cedar Rapids Country Club set to host

the Iowa Amateur and The Harvester Golf Club

hosting the men’s and women’s Match Play. Plus,

Beaver Hills Country Club will host an IGA event for

the first time since 2003 when they host the Iowa

Mid-Amateur in May.

I would be remised if I did not “Shout Out” a big

THANK-YOU to the IGA staff of Chad, Bill, Katelynn,

Clint and the USGA interns Meg and Brad. Those

six individuals cover the same turf that many

states that have two to three times the staff do.

They administer our events in a professional

manner, which makes it very fun and enjoyable.

When you see them in 2017, please give them a

big Arnold Palmer Thumb’s Up!

So be sure to sign up for some events when

entries open in March. In the meantime, I hope

the winter treats everyone well, and maybe even

allows you to get south to play a few holes. If not,

we look forward to starting up with you all again as

soon as the weather turns here in Iowa. See you

on the first tee.


Hole 9 at The Harvester, site of the 2017

IGA Men’s and Women’s Match Play