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Chad Pitts

Time flies when you’re having fun!

As I look back on my first year

as the Executive Director of the

Iowa Golf Association, I mostly

think about how seamlessly I

feel like it all went. I am very

thankful to the IGA Board of

Directors for believing in me and

promoting me into this position.

IGA Past Presidents, Joe Kehoe and Tom Christensen

and current IGA President Andy Burton, have been

terrific to work with and have put a great deal of belief

in me.

While 2016 was “business as usual” for me in a lot

of ways (championship administration, serving our

member clubs and golfers, etc), there was still a lot of

learning. I had the privilege of finding out about health

insurance expenses, paying payroll taxes, fending off

solicitors and all the other tasks an Executive Director is

charged with. Thankfully, I had some help.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Bill Dickens for many

reasons. He has mentored me as I’ve learned the ropes

of amateur golf association administration since I was

a USGA P.J. Boatwright Intern in 2002. Specifically

during 2016 he has helped me transition into my new

role by being an excellent sounding board and source

of information as I learn about managing our team.

Bill has also left me with a terrific staff as he, Katelynn

Hogenson and Clint Brown are three of the best in the

business. They are insigh�ul, hard working and always

have “what’s best for the IGA” in their minds when

making decisions.

Our two USGA P.J. Boatwright Interns this year, Brad

DePrez and Meg Monson, did terrific work during their

time at the IGA. Katelynn, Clint and I all started as

Boatwright interns and I have no doubt that Brad and

Meg would make excellent golf administrators, should

they wish to go down that line of work.

Thank you to the entire staff for making my first year as

Executive Director an excellent one. You guys all make

it fun to come to work every day.

I will remember 2016 for a lot of reasons and right

near the top of the list will be that it was the year

we inducted Zach Johnson into the Iowa Golf Hall

of Fame. We planned for this for a few years (Zach

needed to turn 40 to be eligible after all) and,

truthfully, we weren’t sure what to expect.

I am happy to say it went about as well as we

could have hoped. Our hosts at Drake University

were awesome to work with. Zach and his team

participated regularly in the planning of the

induction and were enthusiastic. We were very lucky

to have PGA Tour Entertainment there to film the

evening, which they would ultimately highlight in a

short video for “Inside the PGA Tour”.

During the evening Zach was tremendous. He

brought the Claret Jug and let nearly everyone in

the room hold it and take a photo with it (when

is that going to ever happen again?). He greeted

many prior to the ceremony and then stayed late

to shake hands and take pictures with anyone who

wished to do so. During his acceptance speech he

was genuinely humbled by the honor, which gives

validation to all the time and effort our Hall of Fame

committee puts into the process.

There is no doubt that I will remember the induction

of Zach Johnson as one of the highlights of my

career, which the entire IGA staff had a huge hand

in planning. Simply put, it was one of the greatest

nights in Iowa golf history.

While we made some significant changes within the

IGA organization in 2016, we are looking forward to


Zach Johnson, my fiance Kristie and me at Hall of Fame induction.