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Thanks to the generosity of Dennis Albaugh and Talons of Tuscany, which allowed us to hold the first ever

Griffel-Sani Scholarship Benefit Tournament on June 17, the IGAF was able to raise just over $11,600. Talons

of Tuscany provided a terrific venue and the event featured many financial supporters of the scholarship and

the IGAF, as well as over 30 current and former Sani Scholars. The Albaugh Car Collection was also available

for viewing to participants in the event after the round.

The focus of the event was to make this an exceptional event for the participants and significantly augment

scholarship fund-raising efforts. We also wanted and succeeded in using this event as a time for participants

to meet individuals who have benefited from the scholarship programs.

We’d like to thank everyone that came out and played in the IGAF Griffel-Sani Scholarship Benefit Tournament

at Talons of Tuscany. TheHerman Sani Scholarship and the AnnGriffel Scholarship ismanaged by the IGAF. Each

year, the IGAF provides $42,000 of scholarship benefits through these two programs. The IGAF aggressively

fund raise throughout the year to develop these funds and hope this will be a biennial event.

IGA board member Bill Eby of Bettendorf

IGA staff member Katelynn Hogenson

Ankeny Golf & Country Club


From the top clockwise: Karli Kerrigan, Charles Jahn, Charlie Taylor, Mikaela Livengood, and

Logan Schweinefus - Taylor serves on the IGAF Board while the other four are all Sani Scholars