Meet Laura –

Laura Leszczynski has quickly established herself as a top competitor on the senior women’s amateur circuit in Iowa. A three-time IGA Senior Women’s Player of the Year recipient, Leszczynski’s name is always in contention when looking at the leaderboard. A past champion of numerous Iowa Senior Amateur titles and IGA Mid-Am Series titles doesn’t slow down Laura in chasing further history. Along with her Player of the Year titles, Leszczynski also has a firm hold of the Iowa Senior Amateur having lifted the trophy each of the last three years. Outside of Iowa, she has also qualified for the U.S. Senior Women’s Amateur, most recently in 2022.

“I’m honored to be part of the 100 Competitive Hole Fundraiser, an event that not only celebrates the rich history of the Iowa Women’s Amateur but also champions the spirit of community and philanthropy. Participating in this fundraiser is a unique opportunity to connect with fellow golf enthusiasts, challenge my limits, and contribute to a cause that extends beyond the greens. It’s about being part of something larger than the game itself—a commitment to fostering talent, supporting women’s sports, and making a meaningful impact in our community. I’m excited to embark on this journey, share my progress, and see how our collective efforts can make a difference. Together, we’re not just playing for a title; we’re driving change, stroke by stroke. History in the making.  Here’s to the next 100 years.”

Holes Played


Funds Raised



  • John Schlaman – $25
  • Michael Felderman – $25
  • Katelynn Hogenson – $50
  • Nicki Miller – $50
  • Leighann O’Tool LaRocca – $50
  • Janis Owens – $50
  • Lisa Urbanoff – $50
  • Laura Leszczynski – $100
  • Michelle Klein – $100
  • Ken Schall – $100
  • Pam West – Pledge ($2/par, $4/birdie, $10/eagle)


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