Appendix D – Handicap Review

The handicap review process gives a Handicap Committee the ability to ensure the Handicap Index of a player reflects their demonstrated ability. It is strongly recommended that a Handicap Committee conduct a handicap review at least annually for all members who have designated that golf club as their home club.

  • The World Handicap System software specifications will recommend reports and notifications to assist Handicap Committees to identify those players who require a handicap review. A review can be conducted annually or as otherwise necessary.
  • A player must be made aware of, and be given the opportunity to contribute towards, the handicap review process to the extent practicable and must have recourse to an appeals procedure, if requested.

The handicap review can be initiated by:

The player requesting a handicap review following a period where they feel their scoring returns do not align with their current Handicap Index.

The Handicap Committee wishing to review the handicap of a player who is consistently returning scores that do not reflect their demonstrated ability.

The Authorized Association’s requirement for affiliated golf clubs within their jurisdiction to conduct an annual handicap review for all players who hold a Handicap Index.

When conducting a handicap review, the Handicap Committee might consider:

  • The player’s scoring record history.
  • The trend of the player’s Handicap Index, such as differences in a player’s Handicap Index over the past 12-24 months.
  • Deviations from the expected scoring performance for the player.
  • Frequency of score submissions in the past 12 months versus previous 12-month cycles.
  • Comparison of average Score Differentials between competitive and casual rounds.
  • Comparison of average Score Differentials in match play versus stroke play formats of play.
  • Comparison of average Score Differentials in individual versus team formats of play.
  • Any scores from, or performances known, in non-authorized formats of play.
  • Any other knowledge that the Handicap Committee has relative to the player’s golfing ability. For example, improving play following golf lessons, declining scoring potential due to frequency of playing, ageing, incapacitating injuries or illness, etc.
  • Percentage of acceptable scores submitted at a player’s home club.
  • Percentage of acceptable scores submitted from casual round formats.
  • Percentage of acceptable scores from 9-hole rounds.
  • Identifying relevant handicapping trends for Handicap Committee consideration.
  • Length of time since a player last played to their Handicap Index.
  • Number of scores since a player last played to their Handicap Index.
  • Information supplied by any other golf club where the player is a member.

All requests by a player will be directed to the Handicap Committee at their home club. The home club can then request further review by the IGA HCP & CR Committee if deemed necessary.

All requests by a club will be submitted to IGA Handicapping and Course Rating Committee for review. A recommendation will be given within 7 days. During this review period the home club and player will be made aware and involved in the evaluation.

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