The IGA Championship season is now underway, with various policies and procedures in place in lieu of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our first event was the IGA Senior Match Play Championship at Veenker Memorial Golf Course (May 28th thru 30th).

The format of certain events could change, such as eliminating shotgun starts or modifying group sizes or even entire field sizes due to cart limitations. Those policies will be notified to all contestants around a week ahead of the event. If any policy or procedure makes you uncomfortable playing in an IGA Championship, you will be able to withdraw and receive a full refund. 

Some other policies that will be in place for  championships include single person carts, electronic scoring, and no bunker rakes.

We plan to play most IGA Championships with the actual hole materially unaffected or changed.  That means nothing in the bottom of the hole and that the flagstick can be removed or not removed at the option of each player.  The R&C Committee felt that the proper “holing out” was so material to tournament golf that it should be kept normal.  We will provide hand sanitizer to all golfers so that you can sanitize your hands after reaching into the hole or touching the flagstick, should you choose to touch the flagstick. Having said that, if our host course prefers that we play with foam inserts and severe restrictions on touching the flagstick, we will abide by those desires.

All players will be asked to sign a liability waiver (electronically) before playing in each event.  We want to make you aware of these anticipated plans before signing up to play.

Thank you for considering participating in an IGA Championship in 2020.


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