2024 IGA Course Rating Application

Prior to completing this form, please review the Course Rating agreement below. By submitting this application you are acknowledging that you have read the agreement and fully understand its terms and conditions.

Agreement to Include Course Rating Fees

To have all Course Rating Fees included in the per golfer dues you must sign and return this agreement along with the Course Rating Request Form.

  1. Our club agrees to remain an Iowa Golf Association Member Club as defined by the IGA bylaws for a period of no less than five years following a Course Rating.
  2. Our club understands that as a member club of the IGA we agree to exclusively use and promote the Individual Golfer Services, including but not limited to the handicap computation service, provided by the IGA.
  3. If our club does not remain a Member Club, we agree to pay the IGA $2,000 (9-hole course) or $4,000 (18-hole course or larger), whichever is applicable, for the course rating service. This fee is equal to the fee incurred by a non-member club for course rating services in 2024.
  4. We understand that should we be subject to the fee outlined (#3) any member dues paid while an IGA Member Club do not count toward this payment.

2024 IGA Course Rating Form

  • Course Rating Information

    The minimum length required for a Course Rating is 750 yards (9-holes) and 1,500 yards (18-hole course). The USGA is requiring that all tees be rated for men and all tees up to 6,000 yards, at a minimum are rated for women. In most cases each tee set will be rated for both men and women regardless of yardage assuming the minimum yardage requirement is fulfilled.
  • Note - The IGA may follow up with you to obtain details about each new tee listed here if yardage is not provided.
  • Based on mid-season conditions on a normal play day
  • Based on mid-season conditions on a normal play day
  • Under the new 2019 Rules of Golf a facility is allowed to designate areas of the golf course (such as native grass) as penalty areas through Local Rule. This allows the golfer to drop laterally from the area rather than having to proceed under stroke and distance for a lost ball. It essentially is a way to "mark" the area red without having to place stakes or paint lines on the ground.
  • Scorecard Images

    Please upload an image (jpg, gif, png, or pdf) of your scorecard that clearly displays the yardages for each hole and tee. If your card is two sided please attach each file separately in the side 1 and side 2 fields below. If your scorecard does not include a course map please upload an image of that as well and designate the hole numbers.
  • Please include any additional information about the golf course that you feel the IGA and Course Rating team should be aware of prior to their visit (new tee yardages, bunkers, penalty areas, etc.)
  • Agreement to Include Course Rating Fees

    All applicable Course Rating fees for men and women are included in the per golfer dues paid by member clubs. Please review the details in the "Agreement to Include Course Rating Fees" section above before submitting this application and feel free to reach out to the IGA if you have additional questions.

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