Waterloo | Inducted 2009 | Category: Superintendent

Dick Bruns of Cedar Falls became the fifth superintendent inducted into the Iowa Golf Hall of Fame. Mr. Bruns has served the game of golf in many capacities. He became the Superintendent of Washington Park Golf Course in Cedar Falls in 1958 and a few years later he became the Director of Parks and was responsible for the upkeep of all the city’s green spaces, including Washington Park Golf Course and Pheasant Ridge Golf Course. After winning the city golf championship in 1960 he gave up his amateur status, added the title of golf professional, and gave lessons until 1973.

In addition to his long career in Cedar Falls, he helped promote the game of golf by serving for many years as a board member for the Iowa Golf Course Superintendents Association (IGCSA) and the Iowa Turfgrass Institute (ITI). He was President of the IGCSA from 1964-65 and was a founding member of the ITI serving as President in 1984 and again in 1997.

Doug Snook, who was the long-time Superintendent at Waverly Golf Course, said the following in his letter supporting the nomination: “Dick Bruns….has been a mentor for me and many others in the golf business and has provided guidance to us throughout his long career.”

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Career Highlights

  • 1986 ITI Meritorious Service Award
  • 1985 IGCSA Distinguished Service Award
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