Ames | Inducted 1991 | Category: Superintendent

A.E. “Ed” Cott, from Ames, was an extension horticulturist at Iowa State University for 35 years until his retirement in 1984. Cott was a familiar face at Iowa’s golf courses, from border to border. A pioneer in extension work, Ed traveled the state, golf clubs in tow, and talked with the state’s superintendents about the latest turfgrass research.

Mr. Cott, who passed away in 1987, founded the Iowa Turfgrass Research Fund, which benefited the state’s golf courses and still does today. Mr. Cott specialized in keeping up on the latest turfgrass research and passing it on to superintendents across the state. He was also the first director of the Iowa Turfgrass Institute and was the founder and coordinated the annual Turfgrass Conference.

Career Highlights

  •  Founded Iowa Turfgrass Research Fund
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