Des Moines | Inducted 1993 | Category: Amateur/Benefactor

Warren Dickinson had a profound effect on golf in Iowa.

A strong player with a national reputation, he was a finalist in the first six Iowa Amateurs he played in, winning twice (1902,1903). He was also a three-time Trans-Mississippi finalist, winning in 1905.

But his value to the game of golf went beyond the trophies he won. He helped organize the Iowa Golf Association in September of 1900, and served as its second president. He remains Iowa’s only USGA Executive Committee Member, appointed in 1906.

Besides being part of Iowa Golf as a player and an administrator, Warren designed and built golf courses throughout the state. Dickinson laid out over 100 courses, three of which are still in use: Brooks Golf Course in Okoboji and Grandview and Woodland Hills in Des Moines.

Dickinson was also involved during his career with efforts at Cedar Rapids Country Club in Cedar Rapids, which was designed by Donald Ross.

Mr. Dickinson passed away on August 10, 1941. He was 73 years old.

Career Highlights

  • 1902-03 Iowa Amateur Champion
  • 1900, ’01, ’04, ’05 Iowa Amateur Runner-Up
  • 1901 & ’02 Trans-Mississippi Runner-Up
  • 1903, ’04, ’06 Interstate Champion
  • 1905 Trans-Mississippi Champion
  • Helped organize the Iowa Golf Association
  • Only Iowan to ever serve on the USGA Executive Committee (1906)
  • Course Architect- (Brooks Golf Course in Okoboji, Woodland Hills & Grandview in Des Moines, and Cedar Rapids Country Club, in Cedar Rapids)
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