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Jack Hall devoted 41 years of service to golfers in Iowa and to the game of golf. Hall became a pro during the Depression in the 1930s and was the head professional at both Waveland and Hyperion Field Club. He served as Iowa Section PGA President from 1949-1950.

Nicknamed “Thin Man’ because of his slender build, Hall was not known for his distance off the tee. But he had a gift for getting the ball in the hole. Hall won the Iowa Masters three times (1944, 1948, and 1954). He also won the Waterloo Open in 1947, picking up a first-place check for $500. Earlier in his career, Hall was medalist at the inaugural boys’ state high school championship in 1928, shooting a 77 at Grandview. His Des Moines East team also won the team title. He also won a pair of Des Moines City titles, in 1940 and 1941. He won the 1947 Fort Des Moines Open, edging fellow Iowa Golf Hall of Famer Bob McKee by a shot in dramatic fashion. Hall finished the 27-hole event ace-birdie.

Jack would greet his customers and members with a “hiya, buddy’ when they walked into his shop. His pro career started at Waveland. He moved to Hyperion in 1943, returned to Waveland a year later and left in 1954 for a sales job. He returned to golf shortly after, and was at Hyperion for the rest of his career. He was a very dedicated and encouraging teacher who touched the lives of many golfers in the state of Iowa and earned the respect and admiration of his peers in the profession. He taught by feel, working to get his clients comfortable with their swings. His teaching went beyond time on the driving range. In 1940, the Des Moines Register and Tribune sponsored an event at the Iowa State Fair that featured Hall’s golf tips. Said one advertisement, “You’ll see the perfect golf form that makes him one of Iowa’s aces.” He also gave a weekly golf lesson on WHO-TV during the news. Jack retired in 1973 after a 41-year career in golf.

Career Highlights

  • Waterloo Open Champion: 1947
  • Iowa Masters Champion: 1944, 1948, and 1954
  • Iowa Section PGA President: 1949 – 1950
  • Iowa Section PGA Champion: 1964
  • Three-time Des Moines City Champion
  • Head Professional at Waveland Golf Course until 1955
  • Head Professional at Hyperion Field Club: 1955-1973
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