IGA Women’s Mid-Am Series

Sign up Instructions

The IGA uses USGA Tournament Management powered by Golf Genius (USGA TM) for online entries. We began using it in 2018 and many of you would have created a player profile at that time. If you did not enter an IGA event in 2018, then you will be required to create a new player profile before you are able to enter an event online. You can create a profile here.

What is unique about the Women’s Mid-Am Series is that you will have the ability to register up to four total people in one registration. After you register you can then select a tee time and create your own pairing.

We created a short, six step instruction guide to help you make your way through the registration process as some features are new.

Step 1 – You will click Register Now For IGA Women’s Mid-Am Series and then choose New Registration. 










Step 2 – After selecting your Registration Type please select your name in the Select Member drop down as shown below.












Step 3 – Add any additional “members” which would be any other person you would be entering and paying for.  This is not a mandatory box to click. You can bypass this step by checking the boxes and clicking Next to continue on to the payment screen.












Step 4 – After you complete the payment screen for yourself and anyone else you wish to play with you will be directed to a screen similar to the one below.  Please click Select Tee Time and Open Tee Times Registration.













Step 5 – Select your name from the drop down (you may have to type it in to search).

Step 6 –  Select your tee time and press done if you are entering just yourself. If you would like to add additional people to your tee time slot you can click Register Another Golfer and add them into the same tee time slot or a different one of your choosing.

You can also change your tee time at any time up until the entry deadline.

When finished click Done and your tee time will be set.
















Thank you for taking the time to read through this!

Please click here to return to the IGA Championship Page to sign up for an IGA Women’s Mid-Am Series Event



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