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The following features are referenced throughout the survey and are new within the World Handicap System (WHS). Below is a brief description of each term so you have a better understanding of what you’re being asked in the questions.

Course Conditions Calculation – A procedure used to evaluate if course and/or weather conditions on the day of play deviate from normal playing conditions to the extent that they have a significant impact on players’ performance. The Course Conditions Calculation will be simple and conservative in nature. The calculation will be automatic through the computation service, and any adjustment will be applied directly to the golfer’s Score Differential.

9-Hole Scaling – Integrating a 9-hole score directly into a player’s Scoring Record, without the need to wait for a second 9 to be posted. The 9-hole score would receive an 18-hole Score Differential. This would be achieved by the player receiving par plus any handicap strokes for each hole on the back nine with one additional stroke.

“Cap” – A Soft Cap and Hard Cap will be implemented to limit the upward movement of a player’s Handicap Index within a 12-month period. The Soft Cap will suppress upward movement by 50% after a 3.0 increase over 12-month Low H.I. has been reached. The Hard Cap will restrict upward movement to 5.0 over the Low H.I. from past 12 months. This feature will be implemented to ensure that a temporary loss of form does not cause a player’s Handicap Index to move too far from a level consistent with their demonstrated ability. The caps also serve as anti-abuse safeguards and will aid in minimizing the potential for handicap manipulation. The Handicap Committee at the club will still play a key role and can allow a player’s Index to exceed the hard cap if special circumstances such as an injury exist.

Exceptional Score Reduction – A procedure for dealing with exceptional scores which may indicate the player’s true ability. The procedure considers all scores, rather than only Tournament scores. In short, a Net Score Differential is compared to the Handicap Index. If there is a 7-stroke difference, then a reduction of one stroke will be applied to the player’s Handicap Index. If there is a 10-stroke difference, then a reduction of two strokes will be applied to the player’s Handicap Index. This is in addition to any reduction caused by the score being used in the updated 8/20 calculation.

WHS Survey

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