2022 Ann Griffel Scholars announced

The Iowa Golf Association (IGA) is excited to announce the 2022 recipients of the Ann Griffel (pictured above right with Jacque Fladoos) Scholarship Award. Nora Carlson, Madison Craig, Alexa Garvin, Amber Henson and Emma Davidson are receiving a one-year scholarship of $2,000.

Since 1963, the Ann Griffel Scholarship Award has been helping students further their education. A total of 253 students have earned the honor of receiving this prestigious scholarship.

Nora Carlson, of Humboldt, is the daughter of Tom and Sara Carlson and will be attending Iowa State University in the fall to study Kinesiology on an Occupational Therapy track.

“To me, the game of golf has meant demonstrating solid time management, strong work ethic and commitment; strengthening my mental toughness; and forming relationships and memories,” Carlson shared. “The game of golf has helped me build strong good habits or virtues. Becoming a better golfer doesn’t happen overnight. For the past eight years, I have worked to use my time wisely and effectively so that I give myself the best opportunity for success.”

Madison Craig, of Solon, is the daughter of Ray and Beth Craig and will be attending Central College in the fall to study Biology on the Pre-Med Track.

“The game of golf has enabled me to further refine my ability to focus and ability to remain calm even in difficult situations on the golf course. These are all important skills that I will be able to use in my future as a college student or working as a doctor,” said Craig. “Golf has been a very enjoyable and rewarding sport for me. I am certain golf will play a vital role in my future, especially as a medical professional. I’m sure there will be many opportunities to make acquaintances or even collaborate with colleagues over a game of golf.”

Amber Henson, of Marshalltown, is the daughter of Mark and Andrea Henson and will be attending Drake University in the fall to study Finance and Data Analytics.

“Golf has been part of my life very early on and over the years has taught me many things,” Henson said. “My dad has always said that ‘the biggest distance in golf is between my ears’. Golf has taught me to control my emotions, think logically, to practice diligently, to move on past adverse situations and most importantly, to acknowledge when others have done well.”

Alexa Garvin, of Wilton, is the daughter of Gregg and Kelly Garvin and will be attending St. Ambrose University in the fall for Nursing. Garvin earned her CNA verification this summer.

“Golf has taught me the importance of patience, critical thinking, determination and controlling my emotions. It allows me to compete as an individual and as part of a team,” Garvin shared. “Golf unifies by bringing people together from all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. I find a sense of peace from external distractions in my life while on the course.”

Emma Davidson, of Northwood, is the daughter of Ron and Michelle Davidson and will be attending Iowa State University in the fall to double major in Agronomy and Seed Science.

“In sports the toughest competitor anyone faces is themselves,” stated Davidson. “It is hard to stay positive when things are not going the way they should. Through golf I have been able to learn how to stay mentally tough and positive to finish a round to the best of my ability. I am a person who wants results right away, but I have learned it takes time. It took several hours a day to improve my game. I could not give up on myself, I had to keep pushing through. It takes time and hard work to achieve success, so stay patient and stay diligent.”

The Ann Griffel Scholarship Award was established in 1963 as just one $350 scholarship awarded by the Iowa Women’s Golf Association (IWGA). The award has evolved into a $2,000 scholarship awarded to multiple high school senior girls who intend to further their education at an Iowa institution of higher learning, whether it be a college, university or trade school.

The Iowa Golf Association Foundation (IGAF) was established to preserve the game and develop more programs to promote the future of golf in Iowa. The IGAF awards the Ann Griffel Scholarship Award annually. This scholarship was named after the long-time IWGA President, Ann Griffel, who started the Girls’ State Junior, Forever 39 Match Play, State Wife-Husband and the Senior Women’s Championships in her 23-year term.

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