2022 Annual Awards announced

On Friday, October 28, the IGA Board of Directors named recipients of the 2022 Annual Awards in six categories. We are pleased to announce this year’s honorees.

9-Hole Superintendent – Scott Rohlfsen of Jesup Golf & Country Club
Scott Rohlfsen of Jesup Golf & Country Club is this year’s IGA 9-Hole Superintendent of the Year.

But truth be told, Rohlfsen takes care of more than just the nine holes at Jesup G&CC. Rohlfsen also keeps an eye on things at Maple Hills Country Club, Willow Run Country Club, Vinton Country Club and Dysart Country Club, while still providing top notch turf surfaces in Jesup.

“Scott and his crew have quickly gotten the course back open and in pristine condition,” member Shawn Even said. “When traveling to play at other courses and people ask where you’re from; we’re proud to say Jesup. Many times, members from other courses have noted that Scott is the Superintendent at Jesup and how much they love playing our course. You can truly tell Scott loves what he does.”

The Jesup G&CC Board of Directors had similar things to say regarding Rohlfsen’s efforts.

“We were ecstatic to hear that Scott had been nominated for 9-hole Superintendent of the Year,” the Jesup G&CC Board commented. “Scott is very deserving because of his hard work, attention to detail and dedication to keeping Jesup Golf & Country Club looking and playing immaculate. Not to mention, he manages four other golf courses.”

According to the board at Jesup G&CC, Rohlfsen has been vital to the success and smooth operation of the Jesup Golf & Country Club for many years now. His vast horticultural knowledge and preventative maintenance schedule has kept our course free from major diseases and minimized the unnecessary loss of trees.

One project in particular of note that Rohlfsen spearheaded was adding more tee markers and increasing the size of the tee boxes to accommodate all levels of golfers and has also improved the visual and playing aspects of the course by edging all bunkers and re-defining penalty areas.

“Scott was able to bring our course back to life and it looks better than ever,” Chad Schmadeke on behalf of Vinton Country Club said. “In spite of the city more than doubling our water rates, Scott was able to do this while adjusting our water use to keep us financially stable. He has shared equipment with us when ours breaks down, and he finds us needed equipment through industry contacts.”

Scott’s attention to detail and dedication to his craft are unmatched and the members of the clubs he cares for know just how lucky they are to have him.

18-Hole Superintendent – Anthony Mieske, Crow Valley Golf Club
Anthony Mieske, of Crow Valley Golf Club, has been named the IGA’s 2022 18-Hole Superintendent of the Year.

“Since joining the Crow Valley Golf Club team in 2018, Anthony has completely transformed our golf course to the healthiest, most pristine course it has ever been,” shared Three Carpenter, CCM, GM/COO Crow Valley Golf Club. “He has created a reputation as a great employer/boss in our community.”

Communication has been a key factor in Mieske’s success at Crow Valley Golf Club. He has provided education, awareness and understanding of what is happening on the course and why it is happening to the staff.

In July, Mieske had a tremendously successful week during the Iowa Amateur Championship. The attention to detail and work ethic during that week allowed Mieske to stand out. His leadership has raised the club’s level and everyone on the team.

Carpenter stated, “I spotted him near the driving range the Sunday evening before the event, on his hands and knees, trimming the grass!”

9-Hole Course of the Year – Gateway Recreation, Inc., Monroe
Gateway Recreation, Inc., in Monroe, has been named the IGA’s 2022 9-Hole Course of the Year.

The competitive levels are high at the Gateway Recreation golf course. Gateway Rec. is home to a jam-packed men’s league, a women’s league consisting of 30 teams and youth programs that include tournaments and camps.

“I have witnessed Gateway’s commitment to serving its community as a well-rounded 9-hole course. They have a very active board that coordinates a variety of activities and programs throughout the year,” said member, Kendra Kane.

The golf course is able to support their community through the off season events and the many fundraisers they host. Gateway Rec. continues to grow their membership and their staff.

“It is a very fun, family-oriented golf course that brings our community together,” shared Kane.

18-Hole Course of the Year – Fort Dodge Country Club
Fort Dodge Country Club has been named the IGA’s 2022 18-Hole Course of the Year.

Fort Dodge Country Club has been a treasured asset to the community as a high-quality environment for golfers and community involvement. With opportunities for all ages, Fort Dodge Country Club continues to stress the importance of being the foundation for members and the community around them.

“Our members are our top priority, but we also must continue to recruit new players and families to the country club. It’s a tremendous asset to our community,” said Steve Fuller, Fort Dodge Country Club General Manager and Golf Professional.

Home to the 75-year-old Fort Dodge Amateur, the golf course provides a test for all levels of golfers. Their high school and college tournaments and practices, along with fundraising and corporate events, are just a small portion of what this course has done.

With an up to date ‘Superintendent’s Corner’, Fort Dodge Country Club will always provide information to members and the community. The groundskeeping staff has worked continuously in cultivating the best quality experience for each member and attendee.

“One of the hidden gems in the Midwest. Great greens, well-manicured fairways and great prices,” member Kole Petersen said.

PGA Pro of the Year – Jeff Moore, Finkbine Golf Course
Jeff Moore, of Finkbine Golf Course, is the IGA’s 2022 PGA Professional of the Year.

As is the case year after year, Moore’s leadership and willingness  to help grow the game of golf in the state of Iowa is incredible.

“Jeff has been a wonderful PGA Professional at Finkbine Golf Course since 2010,” Greg Mason, Iowa PGA Section Executive Director said. “He has seen the growth of the facility (at Finkbine Golf Course) culminating in the construction of the new Nagle Family Clubhouse. He continues to lead a wonderful staff to support golf in Iowa City and the University of Iowa Golf Teams. He continues to support the IGA, Iowa PGA by hosting many events at this facility throughout the summer.”

Moore was instrumental in making the 2022 Iowa Junior Amateur, administered by the IGA, a success at Finkbine GC this summer.

“His staff is very loyal and that reflects on him,” IGA Board Member Randy Larson said.

Larson also commented that Moore’s work ethic and sincere personality go a long way in leading the efforts day in and day out at Finkbine GC.

Moore, who has been around the game of golf for more than 30 years, has been an active PGA member since 1993. What sets Moore apart according to make is his forward thinking to enhancing relationships for business development as improvements on the course and clubhouse continue and continually growing the game of golf through lesson programs and promoting the game as a fun, friendly, relaxed activity that can be enjoyed by all that visit Iowa City.

Club Manager of the Year – Deb Jaycox, Spencer Golf & Country Club
Deb Jaycox, of Spencer Golf & Country Club, has been named the IGA’s 2022 Club Manager of the Year.

Spencer Golf & CC’s Head Golf Professional, Adam Coates, said, “Deb joined our team in the fall of 2018 and has made an unbelievable impact to our club. We consistently had a total of 50 to 60 individual or family social members involved and our lowest level at 46 social members at the time Deb started. Today, we have 321 individuals or families involved as social members.”

With costs being cut and operations in an up-and-down state, Spencer Golf and Country Club was looking for a fix. Many people refer to Jaycox as “Wonder Woman” after the amazing job she has done to turn around the country club’s social aspect.

Long-time member of Spencer Golf and Country Club, Thomas R. Howe, stated, “What has happened since Fall of 2018 has been truly incredible and no club manager can possibly compare with what has been accomplished since our board’s hiring of Deb Jaycox.”

Jaycox’s hiring practices and work ethic has changed the overall atmosphere of the club. Jaycox has done more than turn the bar and restaurant around, she has transformed Spencer Golf and Country Club into the “place to be!”

NOTE – The IGA Annual Awards Banquet is scheduled for  Thursday, December 8, at Terrace Hills Golf Course in Altoona. We will communicate a schedule of events to the public, including price to attend, as soon as we finalize all of the remaining details. 

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