Attention – IGA inactive season begins today

Today (Nov. 15) marks the start of the IGA inactive season. From November 15th – March 31st scores made on golf courses in the IGA region are not acceptable for score posting purposes.

Why have an inactive season you might ask?

Reason – Course Ratings are done using mid-season conditions so things like grass height, green speed, roll, etc. are all evaluated based on how they would play in June thru August when most rounds are posted. So even though you might be able to fit that mid-February round in (let’s cross our fingers for a mild winter!), I think it’s safe to say the challenges of the course conditions and obstacles are drastically different from those in the heat of the summer.

Planning a winter golf trip? You can visit the USGA’s national active/inactive schedule here to see if you’re playing in a region that requires you to post.

Really wanting to geek out? Take this 5-question quiz to test your active season knowledge.

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