Clarifications of the 2019 Rules of Golf now available

As you probably have heard, 2019 marks the most substantial update to the Rules in the last 60 years. The rules have been modernized and even reduced down in number from 34 to 24. While many of the changes are very player friendly (penalties have been removed or lessened), there are some changes that could result in penalty to the player, if you don’t take the time to learn them.

In order to further understand these rule modernizations, the USGA has provided the Iowa Golf Association with ‘Clarifications of the 2019 Rules of Golf’ (linked below). The purpose of these clarifications is to provide additional context to the Rules of Golf (often as the result of frequent questions received since the 2019 Rules of Golf were released).

The USGA does not plan to add to these clarifications on a regular schedule, but may do so periodically if additional context is considered helpful. The IGA will be sure to share any additional information when it is made available.

Clarifications of the 2019 Rules of Golf

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