Iowa PGA Section wins 2018 Iowa Cup

Honorary Iowa Cup Captain Bob Moreland (Iowa PGA)
and Jim Becker (Iowa Golf Association) pose with the Iowa Cup.

Team IGA gave it a good effort, but ultimately could not gain any ground over the Iowa Section PGA during the second and final day of the 2018 Iowa Cup. The IPGA won the Iowa Cup by a margin of 24-16, including a 10.5 – 9.5 advantage in single matches this morning.

Winning matches for the IGA this morning included Wes Butenbach, Gene Elliott, Justin Pansegrau, Tom Norton David Combs, Ron Peterson, Trent Lindenman, Joe Bates and Logan Schweinefus. Rob Christensen won a half point for the IGA, as he halved his match.

Elliott was on the winning side of all three of his matches, while Dusty Drenth also went undefeated, winning the two matches (Four-Ball and Foursome) he participated in.

Click here for full results from the 2018 Iowa Cup

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