IPGA claims 55th Iowa Cup, Amateurs go down swinging

The Iowa PGA Section claimed the 55th edition of the Iowa Cup Matches over the Iowa Golf Association (pictured above), but the amateur didn’t do down without a fight.

The championship came down to the last hole where Sean McCarty topped the amateur, Nate McCoy, to secure the victory for the Iowa PGA. 

To begin this historical tournament, the Iowa PGA grabbed an early one-point lead with a 5.5-4.5 win in the Four-Ball portion. McCarty and Ryan McClintock gave the Iowa PGA the first point to start off with an early lead. 

The IGA stormed back in the Foursome portion, finishing day one with a four-point lead. With seven wins out of the 10 possible matches, the IGA went into the singles matches with their confidence levels at an all-time high. 

After the first five matches, the Iowa PGA closed the four-point gap and they were only down one-point. The IGA’s one-point victory did not last long, as the Iowa PGA claimed four wins out of the following five matches. 

Now holding a two-point lead, the Iowa PGA could see the Iowa Cup Matches title in the distance. However, the IGA did not quit. Three-straight wins came from Dusty Stewart, Aaron O’Brien and Ethan Mechling gave the IGA a one-point lead. 

Coming down the stretch, the Iowa PGA Section tied it back up with three of five matches. With one match remaining, it came down to McCoy and McCarty. After battling back-and-forth, the match that decided it all came down to the last hole where McCarty was able to gain the advantage and seal the deal for the Iowa PGA. 

Overall Standings:
IGA – 19.5
Iowa PGA – 20.5

IGA – 7.5
Iowa PGA – 12.5 

IGA – 7.5
Iowa PGA – 2.5

IGA – 4.5
Iowa PGA – 5.5


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