McCoy honored with USGA’s Ike Grainger Award

Norwalk’s Mike McCoy (right) was honored last week by the USGA with one of its highest honors – the Ike Grainger Award. McCoy is in his 25th year as a volunteer committee member of the USGA, which qualified him for the award.

“My first role with the USGA was when Rod Bliss, a long time USGA volunteer, asked me to become involved as a member of the U.S. Mid-Am Committee,” McCoy said. “ Robb  Pomerantz had been the Mid-Am representative for several years and decided to retire from the committee. I fulfilled that role for several years and when Rod retired from the then Sectional Affairs Committee , I expanded my role to what is now known as the Regional Affairs Committee.

McCoy commented that his volunteer work with the USGA for the betterment of amateur golf in Iowa has been quite satisfying.

“My most satisfying work on the committees was focused on helping Iowa amateurs form their own independent association and hire their own staff,” McCoy said. “It was unpleasant because I had many friends who felt the status quo of a joint office was satisfactory. I knew that Iowa’s amateurs would never enjoy the unique benefits and quality of governance I observed in other states until the split was made. While emotional at the time, it has proven to be beneficial to Iowa’s amateur golfers, both men and women.”

Established in 1995 as part of the USGA’s Centennial Celebration, the Isaac B. Grainger Award recognizes volunteers who have provided 25 years of service to the Association. Grainger served as USGA president from 1954-1955 and led the USGA effort to develop the first unified code of the Rules of Golf with The R&A in 1951.

“Satisfaction from the volunteer work has primarily come in the wonderful friendships that I have made with USGA staff and fellow volunteers,” McCoy said.


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