Team Iowa sits in 2nd place after day one of Director’s Cup

The day of matches at the 11th Director’s Cup wrapped up today and Team Iowa sits in second place going into tomorrow’s singles match portion of the event at Dismal River Club in Mullen, NE. The home team, Nebraska, leads the tournament with a total of 12.50 points. Iowa’s 9.50 points give them a two-point lead over Team Kansas who holds the third-place position. 

After the morning Four-Ball portion of the tournament, Team Iowa led the way with a 5.5-point total. Team Nebraska trailed by 0.5 points and went into the Foursome portion in second place. In third place was Team Kansas after a 4-point tally. Team Missouri finished the Four-Ball portion in last with a 3.5-point total, but not far behind.

Iowa’s first match to go off Wednesday morning was the Ankeny duo, Nate McCoy and Connor Peck. After a strong start on the front nine, McCoy and Peck were able to grab Iowa’s first point. Kansas’s Alex Springer and Doug Albers posted a 30 on the back nine, giving them the overall match victory and two points. 

Iowa Golf Hall of Famers, Jon Brown and Gene Elliott were up next. This powerhouse of a team won handily and only gave away two holes to Missouri’s Ryan Sullivan and Ryan Eckelkamp. Elliott and Brown didn’t let up and won the back nine, front nine and overall match to score three points for Team Iowa. 

The final Iowan pairing, Ethan Mechling and J.D. Anderson, had to take on Nebraska’s William Amundsen and Scott Tridle. Mechling and Anderson didn’t give Nebraska an easy match. The two teams battled and ended up in a tie for the overall match. Mechling and Anderson added 1.5 points to Team Iowa’s total. 

Switching to the Foursome portion in the afternoon, Team Iowa continued to add to their total. The side of Peck and Elliott fell to Nebraska’s Spellerberg and Nietfeldt. However, Peck and Elliott did add one point with their 2&1 win on the back nine.

Brown and Mechling took on Kansas’s Grove and Fehr and finished in a tie. Brown and Mechling won the front nine after winning five of the nine holes. The back nine had a different story and Brown and Mechling couldn’t get anything going. They added 1.5 points to Team Iowa’s total. 

In Team Iowa’s third match, McCoy and Anderson teamed up against Missouri’s Nurski and Ferris. McCoy and Anderson took an early lead and won the front nine on the last hole. They took another early lead into the back nine, but Nurski and Ferris battled back and won 1 Up. The two teams tied overall, and McCoy and Anderson added another 1.5 points to Team Iowa’s total. 

Heading into the final round, Team Iowa trails Nebraska by 2.50 points, but currently holds the second-place position. The final round will begin tomorrow morning. You can follow the Directors Cup and get updates and information about the final matches. 

Wednesday Matches
Nebraska: 12.00
Iowa: 9.50
Kansas: 7.50
Missouri: 7.00

Four-Ball Matches:
Iowa (Nate McCoy/Connor Peck) 1 down/2&1/2 Up Kansas (Alex Springer/Doug Albers)
Iowa (Gene Elliott/Jon Brown) 2&1/2 Up/3&2 Missouri (Ryan Sullivan/Ryan Eckelkamp)
Iowa (Ethan Mechling/J.D. Anderson) Tied Nebraska (William Amundsen/Scott Tridle)

Foursome Matches:
Iowa (Connor Peck/Gene Elliott) 3&2/2&1/3&2 Nebraska (Johnny Spellerberg/Ryan Nietfeldt)
Iowa (Jon Brown/Ethan Mechling) 3&1/3&2/Tied Kansas (Kit Grove/Brian Fehr)
Iowa (Nate McCoy/J.D. Anderson) 1 Up/1 Down/Tied Missouri (Brad Nurski/Chris Ferris)

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