See Tommy’s Honour movie at Fleur Cinema

The Iowa Golf Association is pleased to extend a special invitation for you to view the new film Tommy’s Honour. The Fleur Cinema is exclusively exhibiting the movie in Des Moines. This will be a great chance to spend time with fellow golf-lovers at The Fleur Cinema taking in this remarkable new film about the creation of modern golf. Show times through April 20 can be found here:

Set in Scotland in the early days of the game, Tommy’s Honour tells the moving true story of the conflicted relationship between legendary father-son golfers “Old” Tom Morris and “Young” Tom Morris. The two men’s innovations in caddying, play, course design, groundskeeping, and ball- and club-making helped birth the modern game of golf.

While Old Tom helped found The Open Championship in 1860, it wasn’t long before Young Tom’s accomplishments began to outshine his father’s. Tommy’s fiery personality ultimately led him to rebel, first against the stodgy aristocracy that dominated the game (starting with The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews) and then against the parents who shunned his passionate relationship with his wife. You can view a trailer for the film:

As some of you may be aware, the owners of The Fleur Cinema also own Echo Valley Country Club, host site of the 2017 Herman Sani Tournament and a major supporter of the Sani Scholarship and the IGA’s work across the state.

We hope you’ll take this opportunity to enjoy a wonderful filmic depiction of key figures in the development of the game with other golf lovers, exclusively at The Fleur Cinema. Tickets are $9 for adults and $7 for seniors or children.

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