IGA All-Time Wins Ranking

From Left: John Jacobs, Mike McCoy, Jon Brown, Gene Elliott, Joe Brown

You can now view a ranking of all the player’s who have won at least two IGA sanctioned point events.

IGA Hall of Fame Committee chair Jon Brown and IGA staff worked throughout the winter to put together this comprehensive ranking.  Mike McCoy leads with 35 total victories.  Gene Elliott is second with 26 and Jon Brown third with 24.  View the complete ranking here.

The IGA Player of the Year award started in 1960.  Based on research, it was clear that five events stood out as the most important prior to 1960 – the Iowa Amateur, Iowa Masters, Northwest Amateur, Iowa Open and Herman Sani Tournament – therefore, for the purposes of the ranking, those events are counted from their inception.  Since 1960, a win was only counted as a point event win if it took place in a year in which the event was recognized as a point event.  For instance, the Tournament of Champions in Atlantic was a recognized point event from 1960 to 1983 then again from 1985 to 1989, therefore the 1984 event and from 1990 onward are not counted.

For events that included both professionals and amateurs, only the overall champion was awarded with a win for the purposes of the rankings.  “Low Amateur” designation was not a win, expect that special circumstances were needed for the Waterloo Open because the Pro Division and the Amateur Division have truly been two separate tournaments throughout the years.  The pros played exclusively on Irv Warren Golf Course and the amateurs playing a mix of South Hills GC, Gardner GC, and Irv Warren GC.  Additionally, for many years, the pros played only 36 holes while the amateurs were playing 54.  Therefore, only the winners of the Amateur Division were considered to have won a Point Event because that is what the IGA recognized.

We are still working to include every player who has won just one IGA point event. We hope to have that done by the end of March.

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