ISPGA wins 54th Iowa Cup 24-16, fifth win since 2016 for ‘pros’

ISPGA Honorary Captain Mark Egly (left) and IGA Honorary Captain Bill Dickens (right) pose for a photo with the Iowa Cup.

The Iowa PGA Section claimed the win over the Iowa Golf Association in the 54th Edition of the Iowa Cup Matches. The Iowa PGA Section was firing on all cylinders this week at Elmwood Country Club in Marshalltown.

Yesterday, the Iowa PGA Section got off to a quick lead after the Four-Ball session of matches in the morning. The IGA was only able to score two points and the Iowa PGA Section was able to play with the lead for the remainder of the tournament. 

Connor Peck and Ryan Horner took down Chad Proehl, who is in the Iowa Golf Hall of Fame Class of 2021, and John Shawver. Peck and Horner won the match 2 Up and tacked on the Iowa Golf Association’s first points. 

Elmwood Country Club members, Kelly Brown and Cole Davis, defeated Iowa Golf Hall of Famers, John Bermel and Sean McCarty. Brown and Davis claimed the match with a 1 Up victory and put the second point on the board for the IGA.

The IGA lost ground quickly and went into the Foursome session with a six-point deficit. Brian Allison and Trent Lindenman were able to get it going, winning their match 1 Up over Davis Sutton and John Shawver.

Jeff Collet and Dusty Stewart claimed a win over Matt Erger and Ben Montgomery to give the IGA another point. Dave Gaer and Ron Peterson knocked off Todd Fowler and Bryan Luedtke. Gary Ellis and Terry Cook gave Iowa their fourth point of the round, beating Jeff Smith and Dave Ranney. 

With an eight-point advantage going into the Singles Matches, the Iowa PGA Section’s confidence continued to grow. 

Jeff Smith, of the Iowa PGA Section, gave his team the first points of the day after knocking off Gary Ellis 5&4. The IGA continued their push and tacked on a point after Jamie Faidley defeated David Lawrence, 1 Up. 

Ryan Horner tied the Iowa Golf Hall of Famer, John Bermel and both sides added half of a point on to their totals. Dave Gaer took down Bryan Luedtke, 1 Up to give the IGA the lead in the Singles Matches total. 

The Iowa PGA Section kept their foot on the pedal and added two quick points with Todd Fowler’s win over Ron Peterson and the new Iowa Golf Hall of Famer, Judd Gibb’s win over Brian Allison. 

Connor Peck was able to add a point after besting another Iowa Golf Hall of Famer, Sean McCarty. Jeff Schmid took the match over Aaron O’Brien, but Terry Cook kept it going on the IGA’s side with a win over Dave Ranney. 

Needing to win the remainder of their matches, the IGA’s hopes of making the spectacular comeback were swept away with a big run by the Iowa PGA Section. Tracy Vest knocked off Jeff Collett and Matt Erger took down Cody Holck for two points.

Joe Palmer was able to interrupt their run with a win over Darin Fisher, but Davis Sutton and Jay Giannetto continued to score for the Iowa PGA Section. Sutton defeated Cole Davis and Giannetto claimed the win over Dusty Stewart. 

After the Iowa PGA Section’s run was completed, it was time for the IGA’s run. Four-straight points were added to the side of the IGA. Scot Cook won his match over John Shawver 2&1 and Ethan Mechling beat Chad Callan 2 Up in his match. 

Elmwood Country Club member, Kelly Brown, continued his good play and topped Mark Atchison in a match that ended 4&3. Iowa Golf Hall of Famer, Jon Brown, took the win over Chris Black for the fourth-straight IGA point. 

With two matches remaining, the Iowa PGA Section already had the win sealed up. Ben Montgomery added one more point to their total with a win over Trent Lindenman. The final match of the day between Luke Miller and Chad Proehl, who is in the 2021 Iowa Golf Hall of Fame class, ended in a tie. 

The IGA was able to match the Iowa PGA Section in the Singles Matches, but it wasn’t enough. The Iowa PGA Section’s outstanding performance yesterday was all they needed for the most part to claim the 54th Iowa Cup.

Score Summary
Iowa PGA Section: 24 points
Iowa Golf Association: 16 points

Four-Ball Matches
Jay Giannetto + Chad Callan def. Jon Brown + Scot Cook 3&2
Mark Atchison + Matt Erger def. Ethan Mechling + Trent Lindenman 1 Up
Davis Sutton + David Lawrence def. Dusty Stewart + Cody Holck 5&4
Judd Gibb + Darin Fisher def. Joe Palmer + Brian Allison 6&5
Connor Peck + Ryan Horner def. Chad Proehl + John Shawver 2 Up
Kelly Brown + Cole Davis def. John Bermel + Sean McCarty 1 Up
Tracy Vest + Chris Black def. Jeff Collett + Aaron O’Brien 3&1
Ben Montgomery + Jeff Schmid def. Luke Miller + Jamie Faidley 5&3
Todd Fowler + Dave Ranney def. Dave Gaer + Gary Ellis 4&3
Jeff Smith + Brian Luedtke def. Ron Peterson + Terry Cook 2&1

Foursome Matches
Chad Proehl + Judd Gibb def. Jon Brown + Ethan Mechling 2 Up
Mark Atchison + Chad Callan def. Jamie Faidley + Luke Miller 1 Up
Brian Allison + Trent Lindenman def. Davis Sutton + John Shawver 1 Up
Chris Black + Darin Fisher def. Scot Cook + Cole Davis 4&3
Jay Giannetto + Jeff Schmid def. Connor Peck + Kelly Brown 3&2
Tracey Vest + Sean McCarty def. Joe Palmer + Cody Holck 1 Up
Jeff Collett + Dusty Stewart def. Matt Erger + Ben Montgomery 2&1
David Lawrence + John Bermel def. Aaron O’Brien + Ryan Horner 2&1
Dave Gaer + Ron Peterson def. Todd Fowler + Brian Luedtke 2&1
Gary Ellis + Terry Cook def. Jeff Smith + Dave Ranney 3&2

Singles Matches
Jeff Smith def. Gary Ellis 5&4
Jamie Faidley def. David Lawrence 1 Up
Ryan Horner tied John Bermel
Dave Gaer def. Bryan Luedtke 1 Up
Todd Fowler def. Ron Peterson 1 Up
Judd Gibb def. Brian Allison 4&3
Connor Peck def. Sean McCarty 4&3
Jeff Schmid def. Aaron O’Brien 2&1
Terry Cook def. Dave Ranney 2&1
Tracy Vest def Jeff Collett 2 Up
Matt Erger def. Cody Holck 2&1
Joe Palmer def. Darin Fisher 4&3
Davis Sutton def. Cole Davis 6&4
Jay Giannetto def. Dusty Stewart 2 Up
Scot Cook def. John Shawver 2&1
Ethan Mechling def. Chad Callan 2 Up
Kelly Brown def. Mark Atchison 4&3
Jon Brown def. Chris Black 3&2
Ben Montgomery def. Trent Lindenman 2&1
Luke Miller tied Chad Proehl

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