LaRocca named 2018 IGA Sean Flanders Volunteer of the Year

The IGA’s Sean Flanders Volunteer of the Year for 2018, is Leighann LaRocca (pictured above). LaRocca was presented her award in a surprise announcement on Friday, December 14, during the IGA Annual Awards and Player of the Year Banquet held at Echo Valley Country Club, Norwalk.

LaRocca has given countless hours to the IGA over the years, and 2018 was no different. She currently serves on the IGA Board of Directors as the Treasurer. As an officer she is part of the IGA Executive Committee – one of four IGA committees she serves on.

She is the chair of the Ann Griffel Scholarship Selection Committee, charged with ciphering through 75-100 scholarship applications each spring, narrowing it down to the 20 or so that will be shared with the entire committee. In addition, she serves on the Women’s Rules & Competitions Committee and the Hall of Fame Nominating Committee, which, again, requires substantial amounts of reading when studying all the info on the various individuals that have been submitted.

LaRocca also recently decided to add course rating to her list of volunteer efforts in 2018, as she has joined the central Iowa group. Not only did she participate in ratings, but she also had to learn about the rating process, which takes up a significant amount of time in and of itself.

Finally, LaRocca has also been one of the top supporters financially to the IGA Foundation Scholarship programs. She is always extremely supportive of the Golf Marathon and Benefit Tournament that we hold to raise funds for our scholarships.

Click here to view a video of the presentation

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